Register A Friend

I'm so please you want to register your new friend(s).

It's really simple:


Type the name of the Rag Doll/Dudes new friend in the "Name" box
(this is the owner of the doll)

 2Type the name of the Rag Doll in the "Name of Rag Doll" (this is where you can change their name if you would like to and the name that will be written on the Certificate.)

3Type the Rag Dolls ID number (you will find this on her tag)

4Email address (this should be the rag dolls friend or their parent/guardian - please do not register on behalf of a friend.)

5Address for the Rag Doll & best friend (as named above - please do not have the certificate sent to a different address*) 

If you would like me to send you a Birthday message (and maybe a little something) Please tell me your birthday.


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