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Custom Dolls

Custom Dolls

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Each of our dolls are One-Of-A-Kind. But there is nothing like having one made especially for you!

Every OOAK doll wears bloomsies (bloomer style onsie underwear) for the dolls and T-shirt and Boxers for the dudes. (random colours and fabric selected by the dollmaker)


  1. Purchase your Doll or Dude
  2. Download this form with all the options on
  3. Print off the form
  4. Clearly circle the options you want
  5. take a photo or scan the form
  6. Email it to
  7. Type your order number in the subject line
  8. Wait impatiently while Ruthie & her team work their magic!
It can take up to 3-4 weeks for an custom order, so please be patient.


Click her to see our latest range of clothing and accessories.

Dress-a-dolls are made from 100% jersey cotton making them very huggable. In fact she can be hugged for many many years with out the need of our dolly hospital. 

  • 16" long
  • Hair made with acrylic or natural wool yarn
  • Body made specially-milled jersey cotton
  • Stuffed with toy standard stuffing
  • Includes a unique Booklet & care instructions
  • Handmade with lots of love by dollmaker Ruthie and her team

Due to the handmade nature of our dolls, each one is unique - just like you.

Dress-a-doll's with acrylic hair can be machine washed on a 30 degree cycle.

All the materials used to make my dolls are all EU Safety certified CE, EN71 and Oeko-Tex tested.