Harvington Prep Dolls

Have your very own Harvington Prep School Rag Dolls & Dudes.

In Celebration of the Schools 125th Anniversary in 2015, Dress-A-Doll have launched these beautiful Special Edition, handmade Dolls.

The Rag Dolls wear Harvington's unique grey and yellow tartan pinafore, white long sleeved t-shirt, socks and black satin shoes. With her Hair neatly tied up in bunches, plaits or pony tails.

Choose from 4 Rag Dolls and 4 Dudes, each named after ladies and gentleman who have played a part in shaping this school.

The Dudes wear a collared white t-shirt, grey trousers, and a grey cardigan with the Harvington badge and black lace up shoes. 

From the sales of Rag Dolls and Dudes, and in partnership with Harvington Prep School, we will make a donation of  £1 to their chosen Charity. For more information on Harivington Preparatory School please go to www.harvingtonschool.com/