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Happy February

Happy February - where did January go?Is it me or did I blink and miss it!? So in January I created the new underwear that the dolls will be coming in - it's so cute -  WHY DO YOUR DOLLS COME IN THEIR UNDERWEAR? When I first started Dress-a-doll back in 2012, It was a response to the constant questions of   Do you have this dress? Can i have her but in that dress?I like the dress but i like that doll, do you do pyjamas? I would prefer my daughter to choose her clothes.  So my Dress-a-dolls were to come in a petticoat and knickers, so that you (the customer) could choose what the rag dolls style was. This became a...

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What age are rag dolls suitable for?

So what is the best age to have a rag doll? This is a really difficult question to answer, as there is no one set answer. It really comes down to your child. Every child is different so I guess understanding the development stages of a child might help us decide. So I'll do my best to give some insight to help you decide if and what dolls are suitable for your child...

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Why are handmade dolls so expensive??

This is a question I get asked a lot or overhear as someone walks past my shop/stall and says "god they're expensive" or "they don't cost that much to make" or (the one that makes me really wince) "I could make a doll cheaper than that". I so want to snap back " go on then!" sometimes. So I thought I would share how I work out my prices for my dolls (not the clothing but you'll get the idea). There are lots of variables that go into doll making, cost of materials, wages at the time of making, overheads, VAT (although I'm lucky enough not to have to charge that at the moment.) and of course the profit. Materials These,...

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